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FeyTorrents is a really comprehensive BitTorrent client, designed so you can exchange files easily, quickly, and efficiently. This program has a default standard setting that is perfect for users who don't have technical knowledge, but still offers lots of possibilities, which makes it a perfect client for any type of user.

The default settings on this program let beginners start downloading files immediately after installing it, so you don't need any additional knowledge. You can download any type of files, even large ones, including movies, MP3s, applications, games, and documents; it's a matter of minutes, thanks to a smart bandwidth, queue, and speed control.

With this program you can download multiple files simultaneously. You can also use the priority control to download the files you need more urgently faster than the others. FeyTorrents also lets you keep track of the downloads and their speed.

This tool includes several tabs on the interface, such as the Library and MyTorrents on the main window, so you can manage a clean and well organized list, and use it really easily.
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